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The life and musings of a femme
I'm not as innocent as I look....
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22nd-Jul-2008 07:28 pm - Newsflash
i prefer gals
ok another update. GF and I are back together :) yay does happy dance :):):)

After 2 days of tryong to get her to talk to me about exactly what was wrong and not her BS since she couldnt even give me a reason for why she wanted to break up with me. Turns out I finally got her to admit that she was just scared of commitment and scared that our relationship would turn out like her parents (always fighting and screaming) so i finally got it into her head that its not like that with us and that we need to work together to sort out these issues etc I can understand that she doesnt want history to repeat itself, because i dont either, so we are now officially back together and things are good we just need to communicate better about things with each other. I think it will be harder on her since she can be like such a man sometimes - the strong silent type but im so happy we are sorted now and offically back together i feel like im in the best place right now :)

On a side note this was all resolved this mornign while i was at school and i got a call up to the front office saying there was a delivery for me which puzzled the hell out of me and wwhen i got to the office it was a bouquet of white and choc dipped strawberries with a note from her wishing me good luck for my first day and saying she loves me :) she is so romantic I AM THE LUCKIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD!!
21st-Jul-2008 10:07 am - OMG
i prefer gals
I cant believe what has just happened. My gf and i have just broken up and i just dont know how it happened i am in shock. I think she is just running scared but i dont know what to do. She told me she loved me but again it seems that i have fucked up.
Worst thing is she cant even give me a reason as to why she told me this is the point where in a relationship she gets scared and tries to run the thing is i cant even see her since she is at work and i just dont know what to do she has literally ripped out my heart but she says she cant give me what she thinks i need and she wont listen to me i want to get in touch with her friends but i dont have their numbers. I am sure that this is just her freaking out but i just dont know what to do...im in so much pain right now
13th-Jul-2008 04:30 pm - The Latest Update
i prefer gals
Well....it's been a year since i have even thought to update my livejournal lol and quite a few things have changed.

Event #1 - Break Up
My girlfriend who I was dating for almost 2 years decided to break up with me a few days before Valentines Day this year which was also 2 days before our anniversary. If that wasnt bad enough - she did it via text message. How can someone go from telling you they want to marry you (on NYE) to break up in just over a month?

Admittedly I was a wreck, as curiousities can attest to, and I thought i wanted to get back with her but upon reflection i did come to the conclusion that she ultimately didnt respect me, my ambitions and my choices - so all in all i have to say that breaking up was inevitable and i am glad it happened when it did despite the pain it was something i had to go through to come out stronger on the other side.

I have recently seen her at a mutual friends' birthday and i did not know she had been invited so it was a definate surprise for me, not to mention the fact she showed up with her new gf, and not only did i feel nothing for her emotionally when i saw her, but i knew i was so much better than her new gf it made me feel good inside - shes downgraded....it may be petty but hey, i think im entitled to have my little moment :p

Event #2 - New Girlfriend

This is only a recent development of just over a month...but she is amazing!! She is so smart, and beyond intelligent, not to mention she challenges the hell out of me and she is drop dead sexy mmmmm :) Honestly she is so amazing she certainly swept me off my feet.
She truly is my equal, she challenges my mind and I absolutely love it, and best of all she loves me and i have to say im falling in love with her. She is without a doubt the best thing that has happened to me.

Ironically, when i say she swept me off my feet i was the one who made the first move and kissed her :p which is something I never ever do! We were playing pool and I was getting her to teach me how to play (YES I KNOW HOW TO PLAY BUT I HADNT PLAYED FOR A LONG TIME :P) anyway she cottoned on to my lil charade pretty quick lol so we were playing and flirting with each other and I was giving her little challenges and we were standing next to each other for i dont know how long must have been a good 15 minutes at least, so close to each other she kept looking me in the eyes then her eyes would slip to my lips and i admit i was doing the same thing to her and i just couldnt stand it with this look she had on her face i gave in and kissed her and i am so happy i did lol :p though i dont think she will let me live it down that i kissed her first :p

So it's been just over a month now and i really cant wait to see where this goes. I have to say i think she is my match.

Event #3 - Exercise

I have decided to turn over a new leaf and exercise i want to lose this disgusting stomach of mine before uni ball this year that is my goal i am going to start walking daily...once im over this flu i got from getting the flu shot done lol

So I have the shoes, the trackies and one of my dogs i am ready to get fit!

So that is the abbreviated update of my life so far, all in all things are going well and I am looking forward to WYD which i will be at, as will i know lots and lots of other people...maybe i will go and buy one of those annoying tshirts on sale... :p hmm could be fun :p

Anyway it shall not be another year before i post again lol never fear :p
29th-Jul-2007 02:34 pmNothing of Note
i prefer gals
Barbara Hambly novel, The Silent Tower. In it the mad wizard Antryg makes this remark: “Funny,” he said, “if you're a mage, they always ask you to read the future, as if knowing it will help. I think three-fourths of all prayers prayed are for two and two to not equal four.”
i prefer gals
This is an important issue - please sign up and support the cause! I need to get back to my work and will edit this later.

This is the AfterEllen Link: http://www.afterellen.com/node/16688

GetUp Link: www.getup.org.au/campaign/EqualBeforetheLaw

I have signed it....have you?
8th-Jun-2007 04:32 pm - Join Up
i prefer gals

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